Be-novative builds strong Europe-wide cooperation with Pioneers Group and Startup300

We plan to involve Pioneers Group and Startup300 AG to open more opportunities for growth with +15.000 startups and large enterprises in their network as a shareholder in Be-novative. We are going to empower more organisations with the AI-based gamified ideation process, that we will further develop for high usability and the global networking of innovation teams to get methods, connections and resources to make their idea happen in real life.

The starting point for the planned transaction was originally the successful collaboration between Pioneers Discover under the leadership of Anton Schilling in enterprise innovation projects where Pioneers Discover has chosen Be-novative to be the best Innovation Platform in Europe. Oliver Csendes, Managing Director of Pioneers Group (JFDI GmbH , the company behind Pioneers Discover), comments : “Together with our corporate clients, we have had very positive experiences with innovative products. The team around founder, CEO Priszcilla Varnagy has developed a technology in recent years that takes corporate innovation processes to a new level. Together with the consulting expertise of the Pioneers Discover Teams we have a unique offer on the market.”

“The equity in Be-novative is the next step in the implementation of our plan to offer the widest possible range of digital transformation support companies,” says Bernhard Lehner , co-founder and co-CEO of startup300 AG (Who recently acquired Pioneers Group) . “Not only is Be-novative a proven partner, but we are also securing another technology asset that will enable us to support and scale our consulting business.”

About startup300

Startup300 AG ( is a company built on a strong foundation of a high caliber community of passionate entrepreneurs, investors, startups and visionaries. On January 21, startup300 AG listed on the Third Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange in the direct market plus segment. startup300 offers network, knowhow, capital and spaces to build new business models in digital transformation or to change existing ones. Startup300 was launched in 2015 by Michael Eisler, Bernhard Lehner and 86 Business Angels, including Hansi Hansmann, Michael Altrichter, Alfred Luger, Markus Ertler or Herrmann and Niki Futter. Startup300 subsidiaries invest in startups and startup300 invests in strategic partners. The company operates a startup campus in the Linzer Tabakfabrik with the factory300 GmbH and accompanies companies in the digital transformation with the think300 GmbH. In the venture capital fund capital300, startup300 is the founding member.startup300 is Austrian Startup Ecosystem Partner and Partner of Talent Garden Austria GmbH, whose first campus in Austria opened in January 2019 in Vienna.

You can find the original article on Startup300 site here.

Be-novative is a Design Thinking and Innovation platform that helps organizations build breakthroughs collaboratively. @benovative

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