Chosen as one of the best business innovation practices in the EU

(Video) George Tilesch, CMO of Be-novative, was recently interviewed for a European Union backed project called InnoSpark, showcasing the best business innovation practices in its area. Check out the full interview below or continue reading for the key takeaways.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is among the leading sectors in Europe, contributing to economic growth and job creation. The InnoSpark project was launched to spark creativity in ICT enterprises, foster innovation and increase the growth and competitiveness of European high-tech industries.

As an ongoing effort to encourage entrepreneurship and creative thinking, the project highlighted Be-novative as one of the best business innovation practices in the EU. Here are the key takeaways from the interview.

1. Innovation struggles? Look at your organization’s culture

“Many of the barriers of innovation that organizations are struggling with is deeply based in the fact that the cultures within the organizations are not optimized for creating breakthrough results.”

The range of innovation problems comes from internal culture issues or lack of engagement from employees. The Collective Creativity platform helped Telenor engage their members with an organization-wide effort to source ideas. This leads to the second key takeaway.

2. Solutions come from unexpected places

“The surprising element in this project was that they [Telenor] launched an organization-wide hackathon using our platform . . . and the actual solution came from a person who was working in one of the mobile shops, not the one in the boardroom.”

The new and winning idea was implemented in two months, reaping an additional $100,000 monthly revenue (read the full success story here).

3. Use a human-centric approach

Priszcilla Várnagy, the founder of Be-novative, uses a human-centric approach to overcome the many barriers of innovation organizations struggle with.

She designed a solution that matches the expectations of the transformative business environment and software “that actually imitates how the human mind works [and] how creativity is being sparked in any individual and organization.”

George concluded: “If people are inspired and engaged to be part of the innovation process and have a sense of collective ownership, the results will be remarkable.”

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Be-novative is a Design Thinking and Innovation platform that helps organizations build breakthroughs collaboratively. @benovative

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