Engaging C-level managers in co-creation from silo-thinking to group dynamics

The most successful entrepreneurs and company leaders of all time have a unique ability to empower people to co-create
  • Deconstructing success: a new use case or step with clients or achievement in the organisation, that went really well
  • Best practice & wisdom seeking: with a topic to collect best practices, methods and tools that have worked for others within this theme
  • Shopping for ideas: a challenging project to gather peer ideas to figure out how to move forward best

How to engage C-level managers to collaborate better and break the silos to create a more engaging workplace for employees?

  • 1. FIND A COMMON ISSUE: In the Problem definition Phase find the Issue, that they can not solve alone. An ideal question could be ‘What is the biggest problem we are facing that we could only solve together?’ By the way, it is possible to create a virtual Be-novative challenge for this process. :)
  • 2. CREATE SUB-GROUPS: around problems identified to work on these challenges create sub-groups of leaders who want to collaborate on solving the same problems. Engage them in surfacing possible solutions and selecting the ones they see most impact and feasibility.
  • 3. CONCEPT MAPPING IN SUBGROUPS: with facilitation in break-out rooms, the subgroups of c-level leaders work out specific ideas in detail using a customised Business Model Canvas that makes sure the solution contains all important details.
  • 4. ACTION PLANNING TOGETHER: Rejoining the subgroups the leadership team can work on a Roadmap Canvas to make sure action is envisioned and supported on a whole-company level.
  • ADVOCATE FOR SOFT KPI-S: make sure that things like Purpose driven action and attention to the wellbeing of their employees are measured and even the management bonuses are also dependent on these
  • CREATE SHARED GOAL KPI-S: create ‘must win battles’ where 2–3 managers cooperate on a project and make sure they can only be won together. Discuss their statuses on monthly meetings.
  • HAVE REGULAR 360’ REVIEWS- twice a year about every C-level Executive to have feedback for each other about their development focuses. This reflects on their image relative to the whole company instead of only relative to their own projects it drives attention to group achievements.
  • USE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SURVEYS and create a group level competition about the results between the teams. Comparing results may involve cultural considerations as well. In some competitive cultures it might be a good idea to have the employee engagement results visible for all senior managers per department, in other cultures it is a better idea to make it invisible on a group-level and only visible for the facilitators or coaches of the organisation who can better support leaders based on this knowledge. Independent from culture, managers can compare their team’s or department’s engagement level compared to its past results and thrive on improving the engagement numbers constantly involving employees and creating an ideation session with them on how to improve the most important elements of what creates sustained engagement.
  • CREATE A ‘SITUATION’: on a workshop where they have to identify the best solutions moving forward, management need to behave like experts of the topic. They can be dedicated as mentors to teams trying to come up with solutions, or explaining their point of view is an opportunity to talk in front of each other (or even at a conference about Employee Engagement best practices). Identifying problems, the right solutions and empowering people to move forward with them may in itself create the outline of an article for a Press Release or a conference presentation about the topic that focuses their attention on the future of work and creating an environment they want to be part of.




Be-novative is a Design Thinking and Innovation platform that helps organizations build breakthroughs collaboratively. http://be-novative.com @benovative

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Be-novative is a Design Thinking and Innovation platform that helps organizations build breakthroughs collaboratively. http://be-novative.com @benovative

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