How Allianz achieved 390 ideas in 1 day

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The subsidiary of Allianz Group revealed areas for improvement in their employee satisfaction survey. HR identified two areas pointed out by their members: the need for internal process improvement for more efficiency and the want for more opportunities to grow professionally as an organization.

As Be-novative has been a partner with Allianz, we sought out to receive both deep and actionable steps for positive changes. And great outcomes were achieved:

  • 390 early stage ideas in one day
  • Employee-led consensus to implementable actions

Here is what happened.

To find out more, a workshop was formed that included a diverse group of stakeholders; a cross-divisional team representing all departments and levels of seniority. The new effort imbued with creative stimulation techniques produced 390 early stage ideas.

Expect the unexpected: management noticed a considerable spillover. People wanted to speak up and once given the anonymous and collaborative chance to do so, they did. New, strong and surprising patterns emerged.

Two ideation sessions were organized for the one-day event. Both of these sessions lasted 40 minutes each, where the first challenge produced 160 ideas. The workshop urged members for concrete recommendations that could be implemented within a short amount of time. After the second session in just the same day, the number of recommendations grew to 390.

Within the platform, participants downvoted pure complaints and upvoted concepts with collaborative qualities and changes that could be introduced immediately. Every participant received immediate and transparent feedback. Many of the top peer-evaluated concepts were taken to C-level by HR for quick decision-making and deployment.

That is what you call fast and collaborative action.

To get to action with employee-led improvements, you need a lot more than surveys. Creative stimulation with human-centric tools and methodologies that build trust and collaborative commitment, bridges the path to implementation which is fast and essential for success. Also, trust your team to use anonymity to the organization’s benefit–once ownership of change is shared, negativity dissipates.

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