How digital transformation can produce a more creative workplace

Technology is the strongest shaping force and we can feel its power while standing at the brink of a new era: the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As presenters at think.BDPST conference, we talked about current technology trends that can fundamentally transform and rewrite the way we work once again.

Voiced by Daniel Vitary, Head of Customer Development at Be-novative, the main focus of the presentation was on the skills and methods we need to keep up with the pace of our changing society.

Technology is a game-changer in the labor market

A quick research on Glassdoor shows that the most popular professions of today are the products of technological innovations of the past decade. Can you guess the one that has been around the longest? It’s iOS engineer. And do you remember when the first iPhone came out? It was in 2007, although the actual development for iOS was only opened for the public two years later in 2009. So, the oldest profession on the list has only been around for eight years.

Scientific discoveries and technological developments can transform the market in a matter of weeks. As markets change, eventually industries and jobs will follow. We have to keep up with the pace of change by preparing ourselves for constant learning and adaptation.

A shift to transferable skills

A recent study concluded by the World Economic Forum lists the five most important skills in the workplace by 2020. Compared to a previous study that collected the skills in demand from 2015, creativity moved up from its 10th place to being the third most important.

Other traits that can be easily complemented by an AI companion in the upcoming years will drop down from the list, and qualities like high emotional intelligence (6th) and critical thinking (2nd) will become more important.

How digitalization transforms collaboration

Organizations are benefitting from the tremendous changes technology triggers in almost every industry. Digital savvy teams can stay connected without being bound by time and space. This feeling of togetherness inspires collaborations between remote teams, making cross-divisional idea-sharing and innovation easier.

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