How to build up your business network when starting a business from scratch?

Creating great customer experience is a mission
  1. THINK ABOUT THE BUSINESS MODEL. First, you can imagine how you can best support your potential target group: corporates- consultancy, SMEs- maybe a Consultancy as a service. Do you want to take on a monthly fee of membership or yearly rate, or go with the hourly / project-based pricing?
  2. PERSONA’S EXCITEMENT & CHALLENGES. Think about everything you can imagine and collect about the persona(s) characteristics. What excites your ideal customer and what challenges do they face? Talk more about these topics to your own network, make posts on social media and prepare to continuously form your messages, services and value propositions based on feedback and real conversations. Write down all questions and thoughts you continuously have in a specific ‘notes’ section, it might inspire you to advance your messages and services.
  3. GATEWAY VALUE. Sell the first step to your clients as pilot projects, starter workshop(s) or consultation session(s). Engagement and continuation will come next.
  4. BUILD UP YOUR BRAND NAME VISIBLY by presenting on conferences, meetups, podcasts and professional meetings representing a niche topic you are passionate about and expert in. Your niche topic may come from your purpose, or from your notes about what excites your ideal client and what challenges they face.
  5. CREATE A MASTERMIND GROUP out of your potential clients: invite them to a virtual ideation session. Ask them to share and learn together from their real-life current challenges. Share your knowledge generously and learn from them about their current issues, maybe differences, see what solutions and support they might need, and build a trusting relationship with them. This is where Be-novative can come in handy before creating the Mastermind group: create a challenge for CX specialists about what are the biggest challenges of their profession currently for example. Use the platform to ideate and evaluate the answers and share the results and outcomes, discussing openly the priority topics.
  6. VALIDATION. Be brave to ask for feedback. Besides collecting topics, areas of excitement and challenges, share your ideas and ask for feedback from your target clients. It helps your to prioritize what to focus more on but also builds important bridges as people experience that you listen to them. At this step, the Be-novative platform will also prove to be handy.
Be-novative evaluation session on a 2-axis matrix
  • Deconstructing success: a new use case or step with clients or achievement in the organisation, that went really well
  • Best practice & wisdom seeking: with a topic to collect best practices, methods and tools that have worked for others within this theme
  • Shopping for ideas: a challenging project to gather peer ideas to figure out how to move forward best



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