How to communicate the Purpose of your Business in an authentic way?

7 min readApr 15, 2021


Best practices from our Be-novative Partner Hub

🎯 Turning your own Purpose into an idea that leads to manifesting in a product and services will bring you one day to a moment to reconsider: is it only your individual Purpose that drives your business or is it a sum of the Purposes of individuals around you, who are there because of the magnetic force of that company Purpose. How can you make it live its own life while you still own it so strongly? How can you communicate it clearly to your customers, employees, and partners on the road of fine-tuning, re-defining your services in their own evolution? And more importantly, how can you invite employees, clients, and partners to co-create with you while discovering how their purpose connects in new ways with the company purpose?

Blogpost of Be-novative on how to communicate your purpose

Taking in everyone’s insights from our global expert network of the Be-novative Partner Hub gave us some insights and a deeper understanding of how this works at the moment in the ecosystem Be-novative is thriving in.

How to communicate the Purpose of our Business in an authentic way when you are in the middle of a rebranding process?

The challenge: The protagonist of our session this time was Be-novative itself. Starting off as an innovation and ideation platform and with the many years of experiences and the covid related restrictions moving everyone into remote work discovering that it is more and more a workshop-facilitation and collaboration platform. The challenge is, how to re-brand and communicate this shift to new potential users with the right authentic messages?

Our process: We have followed the steps of the Reflective Solution Focused Practice and in the end, it was not just our protagonist, who came up with this question, but all of us geared up with new ideas, tools, thoughts and inspiration. Elvira Kalmar, our Partner Hub Program Facilitator in the Spark Creativity online sessions facilitated the session. Participants were from different continents as always, allowing a diversity of perspectives to cross-pollinate from Italy, Hungary, South Africa, and the United States.

✨ Here is a collection of our best ideas:

1. EXPRESSING THE WHY — Don’t be afraid to tell your ‘Why’ either as a slogan or a story. So that more people can get to know about and relate to it: employees, partners and clients. For Be-novative, it is: Shaping the world together as we want to see it. Optimising for the inclusion of people and bringing the best out of everyone. Speaking to our potential as people and what we are capable of together: We need to see and implement the best ideas, no matter where they come from. There are no problems humans can’t solve, but humans need to be connected to solve them. To create a shared brain in the company to think together using worldwide successful methods like Design Thinking, which lets everyone grow and become their best self and that is beautiful.

2. IT IS NEVER ABOUT THE PRODUCT BUT THE EXPERIENCE: It is always about the benefits the product offers and the experience people have while using it. Be-novative has won awards and the trust of worldwide multinational players as its clients and partners who are raving about how much they have achieved and engaged others thanks to the Design Thinking approach and psychology-based experience.

3. LET YOUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS BE YOUR BRAND AMBASSADORS: Engage with people and help them to talk about their stories. If there are already a visible number of chain-users in the pool, people move to other companies or other clients, they remember the great experience they had and the fast results it produced and they will be willing to share, create this experience in the new situations too.

4. BRANDS RESIDE IN THE PRESENT CONTEXT OF THE WORLD: Covid has disconnected us and sent us into our home offices forcing us to create new ways of work. Climate change reminds us to consider carefully when it is really necessary to travel. Brands are stronger, when they can find a meaningful message and value proposition in the present context of the world, connect it with present news, with industry challenges and breakthrough trends. Our path forward is connecting people in their most important conversations: to be inspired, to have meaningful conversations- and technology today is an enabler of that meaningful connection. For all, the advice is to connect your brand with an actual story, theme, or context that happens in the world right now. We talk rarely about it, but the timing of all solutions determines many times how they will succeed.

5. PARTNERSHIPS & NETWORK EFFECT: When thinking about the value proposition, remember again, it is not just a tool they are getting but inspired connections — this is the strength of platforms. For us at Be-novative, the value proposition moves over to and enables collaboration in a remote way of working with the potential to invite and involve not just employees but customers, partners into the conversations. Furthermore, it creates a case of equality working out on the extreme level: regardless of your gender, color, faith, location, position, being extrovert or introvert, you can have an equal voice on this platform. So in order to express purpose, it is best to think in terms of networks. Who can you connect with in meaningful ways and how can they grow with this inspired connection?

6. BE PART OF THE EVERYDAY: People can relate better to everyday use-cases, something that can happen to any of us. How people can relate to your brand depends on how they can relate to it in their everyday work or everyday lives. Show that in an inspiring new way. As a workshop facilitation tool and a creative knowledge-base for inspired new connections, Be-novative has a clear value proposition that is connected to the everyday of a company and of any individual in a remote world. Every company in this remote world needs to find better ways to meet, think together and come up with new solutions together to grow. We need to excite the everyday. Pictures and messages that relate to this exciting everyday scenario have a great message to tell.

7. PURPOSE IS A MAGNET: It vibrates and pulls in people with similar individual Purposes and businesses with Purposes that can connect to yours. We want to connect and create and tech holds the space nowadays for us.

What we gained in the experience?

We have discovered in our reflection round that we have re-created even without the Be-novative tool in our Partner Hub. We host the ‘Spark Creativity’ events with a Reflective Practice tool that offers us the same process every time, yet it is a platform to host any of the topics of the participants and create value not just for the Challenge owner, but for all of us, who participate in these meaningful conversations.

We are bringing in our best selves, our best experiences, our best ideas and our best efforts to support the growth of each other.

‘Community is a place where people agree to grow together’- Simon Sinek.

Like winemaking - a collective effort for creating something more than the sum of what we have.

‘Finding life-long learning partners is a great thing for anyone to experience and I think that each of us that has participated in at least one event in the partner HUB has felt that impact.’ Rodriguez Luis

If you have an important question or topic, or would like to learn together with our community, just reach out to us applying to our Be-novative Partner Hub.

We have more to offer to you about Purpose and Co-creation:

Our next event is Future Trends 2021: Purpose & Co-Creation event with case studies on how to empower people to co-create connected to the company’s purpose and identify new business opportunities together with their key clients — all virtually.

Our Speakers:

Bruno Chavez and Otto Barnert, Senior Consultants of Invitro from the field of Purpose Projects, Innovation and Sustainability

Saulo Pizzo, Head of Social Innovation and Community Engagement at Givaudan, leader of Givaudan Purpose Live empowering people to come up with and implement high-impact projects connected to Givaudan’s purpose.

Pablo Mendivelzua, Marketing Manager of Givaudan South Cone facilitator of co-creation projects with clients developing new prototypes and validating new business opportunities together.

Host & Facilitator:

Priszcilla Varnagy, CEO & Founder of Be-novative, a Design Thinking process management platform to solve the right problems together involving everyone’s diverse viewpoints

Join us and get to know key trends that will shape markets and the way we work. Through 3 live talks, we will uncover real experiences, success factors and learnings.

Gathering knowledge and best practices through Collaborative Learning

About the Be-novative Partner Hub:

The Be-novative Partner Hub is an ecosystem of people and resources whose main goal is envisioning, accelerating and scaling the success rate of both organizational and product-development, creating impactful projects and meaningful solutions locally or globally. We share knowledge, inspire people and actively co-create new methods. We contribute to a better, more creative Earth.

The Be-novative Partner Hub members, consultants in people experience, organisation design and development, Design Thinking, innovation consultants and management consultants from around the globe are committed to learning from each other and with each other about the future of facilitating workshops and improving consultation impact and scalability in a remote world, so we focus on finding what works, we are non-judgmental, curious and tentative, rather than absolute in our sharing.

Each participant at our online biweekly meeting introduces the topic or case that occupies their mind and thoughts and chosen the method that would fit it best:

  • Deconstructing success: a new use case or step with clients or achievement in the organisation, that went really well
  • Best practice & wisdom seeking: with a topic to collect best practices, methods and tools that have worked for others within this theme
  • Shopping for ideas: a challenging project to gather peer ideas to figure out how to move forward best

This session was about shopping for ideas but a lot more came out of it, then just ideas. We have felt the power of co-creation and meaningful conversations, the power of connectedness even if most of us have never met in person.

Let us know if you would like to join our expert network or take part in the Learning Community.




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