How to deal with Diversity, Equality and Inclusion issues in an authentic way?

How to solve for gender equality by celebrating diversity and embracing uniqueness — by Be-novative
  • Agreement on a project initiation level, but no budget allocated to actually implement it
  • Females and minority groups are often paid less for the same type of work
  • Prejudices play a role on the allocation of tasks instead of skills and capabilities, so stereotypes may influence who is asked to take the minutes of the meeting — as an assistant or secretary
  • She is going to put a lot more attention into creating the right appearance and atmosphere by inviting relevant team members, driving the conversation with questions, and showcasing previous success stories as examples to set the scene from the first moment
  • She will be more confidently positioning herself as a leader of not just her team but the industry by supporting the value her team can create with use cases, ROI examples, good results, and asking a fair price for the value they provide
  • She is going to celebrate the international diversity of her team as a strength in her argumentation reaching multiple countries and continents with the services and embracing multiple viewpoints.
  • Many of the things we, women, might address to be because of our role as women are actually because of our role as consultants. During the session, our male participants shared similar experiences about note-taking, memo writing, and supporting tasks.
  • We need to involve more men in conversations on topics around DEI. Talking about this topic between ourselves as women, in this case, might have driven us to a completely different conclusion than having our male counterparts in the conversation too. This might be equally important in other DEI-related conversations also to be able to see the situations not just from our biases to have the other sides at the table too.
  • Diversity is a strength — in a team, at the workplace and in our Partner HUB also: it creates the opportunity to have a conversation we would never have in our safe boundaries and this opens the horizons for new learnings.
  • We all felt we would like to further discover dimensions of the DEI challenges, and how actually using the be-novative platform lifts us all into the same equal position during the ideation process by an anonymous gamification element that creates equality and fosters diversity. Just focusing on the ideas and their impact and feasibility without the bias of whose idea it was, lifting us up from second-guessing and reassuring that we can just focus on the best solution involving everyone’s diverse viewpoints and get the best out of everyone.
  • Deconstructing success: a new use case or step with clients or achievement in the organization, that went really well
  • Best practice & wisdom seeking: with a topic to collect best practices, methods, and tools that have worked for others within this theme
  • Shopping for ideas: a challenging project to gather peer ideas to figure out how to move forward best




Be-novative is a Design Thinking and Innovation platform that helps organizations build breakthroughs collaboratively. @benovative

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Be-novative is a Design Thinking and Innovation platform that helps organizations build breakthroughs collaboratively. @benovative

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