How to find meaning and Purpose when it was not given to a self-organizing team?

  • How to take initiative as a member of a self-organized group?
  • How to clarify the real Purpose of this team?
  • How to steer the direction into something meaningful?
  • The Circle means a different thing to every one of them: varying on a scale from a think-thank all the way to a very practical owning the budget and cleverly spending it.
  • Working together as a circle means also entirely different things to all participants: the most common denominator is to do things together.
  • The 2 agile coaches supporting the Circle facilitated a first workshop beginning of 2020 about how they want to communicate and work together in the Circle- but no clear understanding about what they should work on.
  • The clearest understanding that emerged so far is that they are together to develop the leadership competencies in the company.
  • Background
  • Timing
  • Audience
  • Resources
  • Impact
  • Strategy
  • Creating a survey
  • Run a be-novative challenge on this
  • Create a workshop about it
  • First of all to take a completely different perspective on the problem: forget the focus on the Circle and how it is operating and to focus on their customers: what is that they need and how can we create value for them.
  • To lead means to make a difference to our customers (the leaders) so they can make a difference to the life of their employees who can create a difference for the customers of the company.
  • Once we know what we have to work on will probably bring almost automatically how we can work on that best together.
  • Knowing how we can create value for the leaders will give us a Purpose!
  • We have to involve our clients, the leaders a lot more and regularly to find out what this company needs to focus on inside to help to focus on the outside (the customers).
  • Moving from trust to finding motivation in looking at the customer: means instead of looking inwards the team members should look outwards
  • Every company is struggling with this challenge: it is about the work and how you organize people, but the how cannot come before the what (form follows function).
  • Deconstructing success: a new use case or step with clients or achievement in the organisation, that went really well
  • Best practice & wisdom seeking: with a topic to collect best practices, methods and tools that have worked for others within this theme
  • Shopping for ideas: a challenging project to gather peer ideas to figure out how to move forward best




Be-novative is a Design Thinking and Innovation platform that helps organizations build breakthroughs collaboratively. @benovative

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Be-novative is a Design Thinking and Innovation platform that helps organizations build breakthroughs collaboratively. @benovative

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