Humanizing Hybrid Work

2 min readJan 20, 2022

How can our own people co-create the new ways of working?

Talent. Hybrid work. Empathy. Design — Important topics impacted by COVID-19. As we just finished our panel discussion on “Future Trends 2021: Humanizing Hybrid Work” we wanted to share the recording with you.

How to care for people in our teams? How to balance between setting motivating goals, and optimizing for productivity, while trying to avoid the so common burnout? The amount of insights, tactics and tips that were shared in such a short amount of time was incredible with Giulia Cappelletti, Tshepo Matjila, Jani Harnish, Elsa Alves and Elvira Kalmár in the panel, moderated by me. Catch them all here if you missed it:

Our Top 3 takeaways:

1. People want to grow personally. They start building up their portfolio both personally and professionally. They join courses, develop an entrepreneurial mindset. As team-leads, bring purpose forward as a topic at the project planning phase. Allow room for trial and error. Suggest and share courses, videos, books that make people feel they develop their competencies.

2. “The greatness in me is recognizing the greatness in you”. We need to learn to give supporting and valuable feedback to each other e.g. by sharing a similar story or project we did and what our learning was, or the extra perspective we have. We are not just employees and resources of an organization, but people in need of human connections and acts of kindness (as simple as: How are you?). You can schedule more frequent 1-on-1 meetings with your team members as ‘espresso talk’. It can also be just 15 mins.

3. Rituals are key — for team building and culture, even more in a hybrid setting. Plan those micro-moments of spontaneity with positive intent to always get to know a new side of people in your team or company. A social standup, favorite dish or a picture of the day challenge, you name it! It can be a tradition that brings in fun and the human side of the team.

Join us and our fellow panelists on youtube as we discuss these topics with a touch and influence on our professional/personal lives. Thanks for the insights, we were eager to listen, share and learn.




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