Results & Outcome Driven Projects

Be-novative Partner Hub 2nd Training

How to create Results and Outcome driven projects?

The Be-novative Partner Hub has met on the 14th January again for a session about Results and Outcome Driven Projects to share experiences and insights about how to ensure the best outcomes for immersive and collaborative ideation sessions and select the highest impact solutions to implement. We learned from a Use Case of IQBusiness, SouthAfrica and a Problem & Opportunity Map developed by Be-novative.

Design Thinking Double Diamond Process in Be-novative to drive results

The Be-novative Partner Ecosystem is a Hub of people and resources whose main goal is envisioning, accelerating and scaling the success rate of both organizational and product-development, creating impactful projects and meaningful solutions locally or globally. We share knowledge, inspire people and actively co-create new methods. We contribute to a better, more creative Earth.

Use Case from IQBusiness

We had the opportunity to peek into the great work of IQ Business in South Africa by Gerhardt van Der Watt and Tshepo Matija. They were sharing with us the details of a process they have embarked on figuring out what opportunities are there in front of their company, one of the largest management consultancy groups in South Africa with over 600 employees, due to the lock-downs in May.

We organized a company-wide innovation competition with IQBusiness in 2020 May, due to Be-novative’s free workshops. We could see that using the Be-novative platform is not just about ideation and ranking those ideas, but with a carefully crafted process you can actually arrive at:

  • new projects that contribute to the revenue growth of your company even in a transforming environment

Learnings from the Innovation Challenge Process

IQBusiness’s Innovation Challenge started with generating lots of ideas by all the employees invited into the process, but then to drive results, you need to group, cluster those ideas into concepts, and have a community evaluation for quick feedback and also suggestions from the innovation committee to narrow them down to the potentially most impactful — feasible ideas. Then those concepts need to be further elaborated by teams using a business model canvas and value proposition canvases, their business feasibility needs to be validated, and then resources allocated to them to make them happen.

We were most impressed about how IQBusiness engaged all levels of their company in this process from ideation to have at the end 5 projects that are sustainable business development ideas

  • IQBusiness uniquely inserted new steps: an extra decision making round by their Executive Team early after the clustering and grouping of the ideas and only further elaborated the concepts that they have seen business opportunities possibilities in. It ensured that teams are already working on concepts that are supported by the top management and also that this executive team is involved in the co-creation process actively giving support and feedback.
Be-novative Idea Concepts grouped and organized by Impact x Feasibility
  • To drive quality outcomes: The Executives were involved in the further development of these concepts by mentoring the teams. They themselves received support about how to mentor the teams best: how to express the strengths of the idea, add feedback on areas to be further developed, they asked important questions and showed how to build on past project experiences connecting these teams with other segments of the company. The teams working on the idea elaboration also received training from the Innovation Committee on how to use the Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas and also other Design Thinking techniques that helped them detail out their value and impact for the business.

Learning by doing - Our own Challenge

The Partner Hub members had collaborated on an ideation about “What would make you feel content and proud to learn or achieve by the end of 2021 as part of the Be-novative Partner Hub?” on our December meeting.

The challenge was open over the Holiday Season and Priszcilla Varnagy shared with us the table ranking the ideas by the participants’ feedback on them and after summarising them into topic clusters.

3 main topics emerged from it as focus areas for our Partner Hub:

  • Digital transformation: Learning from each other virtual facilitation tips

We had a short time to further elaborate on these topics and Priszcilla, CEO of Be-novative showed us a new feature development by Be-novative: the Problem & Opportunity Map Canvas that helps defining a problem into a well-defined question or opportunity statement that is usually the best first step of Design Thinking. We found that if we define the problem and opportunity well we just did one of the most important steps to ensure the required high-quality outcome.

Problem and Opportunity Map Canvas

So we have tried and tested briefly this canvas and collected some more ideas under each topic and based on these we will continue to build up the process and create our yearly action plan.

Spark Creativity sessions

From our next session we will be diving into just one use case at a time with a Reflective Solution Focused Practice facilitated by Elvira Kalmár to support the 3 goals our Partner Hub members identified. During the sessions the participants will bring their own success stories, challenges or topics they feel they would like to learn from or ensure best results, and the members present will choose the one case we will be working on to learn and co-create together, identify collaboration opportunities as well among the members.

In the meantime, if you are interested in trying the platform with your team before you use it in client work, why not inviting your colleagues and maybe even your trusted clients, partners and ideate together in the virtual space about your goals and best hopes for 2021 in your business? Get in touch with us, so we can assist you to tailor your online workshop or virtual challenge.

If you are interested in joining our Partner Hub, we are looking forward to getting to know you. Apply to become a Be-novative partner by contacting us.

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