Solution Focused Reflective Practice in Collaborative Learning

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5 min readFeb 9, 2021


The Be-novative Partner Ecosystem is a Hub of people and resources whose main goal is envisioning, accelerating and scaling the success rate of both organizational and product-development, creating impactful projects and meaningful solutions locally or globally. We share knowledge, inspire people and actively co-create new methods. We contribute to a better, more creative Earth.

Collaborative learning - the Core of the Hub

We are excited to turn the wheel to interactive use-case driven ‘Spark Creativity’ sessions and dive deep into identifying success factors of remote facilitation techniques with our Partner Hub Members based on their projects, methods and use cases — this is what we started on our session on the 4th of February.

We have shared the core principles and steps of the Reflective Solution Focused Practice (based on the Coach reflective Practice Tools, © Growth Coaching International 2017 further developed by us) led by Elvira Kalmar, our Partner Hub Program Facilitator in the Spark Creativity online sessions.

How does Reflective Solution Focused Practice work?

Each participant at our online meeting introduces one topic or case that occupies their mind and thoughts. This can be:

  • Reconstructing success: a new use case or step with clients or achievement in the organisation
  • Shopping for ideas: in a challenging project you can gather peer ideas if you are still puzzling to figure out how to move forward best
  • Best practice & wisdom seeking: If you have a theme or topic you’d like to collect best practices, methods and tools that have worked for others within this theme

All participants vote with which story to work with, based on the most learning potential for themselves.

We follow the steps of the Reflective Solution Focused Practice:

We either explore the success factors of the chosen use case by asking questions and through a guided conversation to reveal for the case owner how they have created this success identifying the success factors - which will result in deeper understanding for them. There is also a possibility if someone feels out of ideas, to invite attendees for brainstorming on how to get out of a challenging situation and still achieve success. Finally, if a participant asks for the wisdom of the group about a topic or theme, the group collects their experiences, methods, and tools used in similar cases.

The Hub members are committed to learning from each other and with each other, so we focus on finding what works, we are non-judgmental, curious, and tentative, rather than absolute in our sharing.

We are Solution Focused and we spark creativity:

  • we focus on strengths and affirming what is working well,
  • we aim with goal setting to lead to action,
  • we are continuously questioning and listening,
  • we focus on collaboration and dialogue, and of course
  • we respect each other and ourselves during the process, too
  • we offer new ideas and uncover multiple possibilities to a case
  • we can interactively participate and learn from each other

Our Hub members definitely brought their presence, enthusiasm, and energy as always. Everyone had a learning goal and case, or issue to bring in and we have chosen László Személyi’s challenge.

Here is what László shared with us after the program about his experience:

‘Working with the Be-Novative team was always a distinct, energising experience. This is now coupled with the broad horizon and diverse background of its partners within Be-Novative Partner Hub.

On the day of the Spark Creativity session, I arrived late to the actual meeting after an extra tight day. Besides being late I was also bothered by the fact that in just 2 days there would be a social impact event with me being one of the organizers and I had doubts about its success.

Suddenly, I found myself talking about the ‘Living Library’ method we are introducing, aiming to help high school students choose a profession. In our meeting with the innovation, management consulting, digitalization, org. design and startup experts of the Partner Hub, which is a collaborative learning experience with problem-solving, online ideation methods, I was happy they have chosen my challenge.

It’s been 2 days since the event and I still feel grateful to the members for their openness, natural willingness to help and encouraging comments.

I stopped preferring working alone a long time ago. It’s so great that as a member of a team sometimes I can pull someone up next to me, or sometimes I can accept a helping hand. Through this session I was reassured by yet another experience — owing to the organizers!”

What is next?

It was not just László who took away lots of ideas from the session, but each and every one of us, participants — besides the great energy that was created in the Collaborative Learning Space.

Through Laszlo’s online event planning, we collected multiple ideas and solutions and identified multiple methods on how to engage millennials online, how to encourage them to ask questions by offering a “question menu” with multiple example questions, shared online tools and story writing methods like the Italian ’10 steps of a success story’ that can as well be used in small-group online workshops and facilitated coaching sessions.

The best part is that we get a chance to combine the best of everyone’s professional perspective and span the globe cross-pollinating new methods, techniques and ideas from multiple continents through the contribution of the partners. This way, we are creating new trends on virtual workshop facilitation and the future of consulting in a digital world.

We build internal capabilities for organizations to create a positive impact in the world through digitalisation, adaptation, evolution and innovation. We aim to drive developments with higher success rate due to the scalable impact of technology.

As a Be-novative partner, you’ll become part of a community of the world’s most forward thinking organizations and professionals who drive the evolution of Innovation Management, People Experience and Org. Design worldwide in this new norm.

Join us and be part of our Collaborative Learning Experience! We continue in two weeks time with the next ‘Spark Creativity’ session.




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