8+1 Best practices and tips on how to go beyond the engagement of people✨

Watch back the Future Trends 2021: People Experience & Challenge-based learning event here

Best practices from our Be-novative Partner Hub

Embrace uniqueness. Let our differences empower us, not divide us.

How to solve for gender equality by celebrating diversity and embracing uniqueness — by Be-novative

When we design a space that builds on everyone’s diverse viewpoints and promotes equality in an authentic way — it can seem elusive. In our experience, there is no magic bullet to leadership that drives diversity, equality and inclusion but addressing the topic is a must for every conscious leader and it is a prerequisite of creativity and a culture of collaboration. Besides the known: we need to accommodate diverse points of view as part of leadership criteria — how should we deal with diversity, equality, and inclusion as a…

25+5 Best practices and tips on virtual co-creation programs

Purpose answers an all-important question, “” — and the answer for all organizational decision-making is more important in 2021 than ever. Connecting people virtually to co-create in a purpose-driven way accelerates positive business outcomes and unites people in finding meaning in transformative change; that is why Purpose & Co-creation projects are trending in 2021.

Be-novative Quarterly event Future Trends 2021: Purpose & Co-creation

Best practices from our Be-novative Partner Hub

🎯 Turning your own Purpose into an idea that leads to manifesting in a product and services will bring you one day to a moment to reconsider: is it only your individual Purpose that drives your business or is it a sum of the Purposes of individuals around you, who are there because of the magnetic force of that company Purpose. How can you make it live its own life while you still own it so strongly? How can you communicate it clearly to your customers, employees, and partners on the road of…

Best practices from our Be-novative Partner Hub

Empowering lower level leaders needs us to find the right value proposition. Just by creating a program on ‘team effectiveness’ might not be enough in this fast-paced world to make Generation Z fully engaged and feel like the program has been designed exactly for them. Taking in everyone’s insights from our global expert network of the Be-novative Partner Hub gave us 15 potential value propositions for how we could be innovative in our approach to working with first time team leaders at their level (and still be effective).

How to market a new…

Best practices from our Be-novative Partner Hub

The most successful entrepreneurs and company leaders of all time have a unique ability to empower people to co-create

The all-time most successful entrepreneurs and company leaders all have a unique ability to empower people to co-create and foster a culture that promotes group-dynamics instead of building silos. In this blogpost we uncover some of the best practices that help companies on this journey.

Gathering knowledge and best practices through Collaborative Learning

First things first, how do we gather knowledge and best practices?

Through Collaborative learning: Each participant at our online meeting introduced the topic or case that occupies their mind and thoughts…

From the Be-novative Partner Hub

The Be-novative Partner Ecosystem is a Hub of people and resources whose main goal is envisioning, accelerating and scaling the success rate of both organizational and product-development, creating impactful projects and meaningful solutions locally or globally. We share knowledge, inspire people and actively co-create new methods. We contribute to a better, more creative Earth.

Collaborative learning - the Core of the Hub

We are excited to turn the wheel to interactive use-case driven ‘Spark Creativity’ sessions and dive deep into identifying success factors of remote facilitation techniques with our Partner Hub Members based on their projects, methods and use cases…

Be-novative Partner Hub 2nd Training

How to create Results and Outcome driven projects?

The Be-novative Partner Hub has met on the 14th January again for a session about Results and Outcome Driven Projects to share experiences and insights about how to ensure the best outcomes for immersive and collaborative ideation sessions and select the highest impact solutions to implement. We learned from a Use Case of IQBusiness, SouthAfrica and a Problem & Opportunity Map developed by Be-novative.

Design Thinking Double Diamond Process in Be-novative to drive results


Be-novative is a Design Thinking and Innovation platform that helps organizations build breakthroughs collaboratively. http://be-novative.com @benovative

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